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Hercules T7 - shuts off automatically during session. Platter moves but no active controls.

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I've been experiencing the T7 automatically shutting off. It's getting power as the platters are still moving, but not active controls or lighted controls. I thought maybe my laptop, but this occurred with another DJ using my T7 with his laptop during live bar set. 

I googled issue and it looks like a previous Hercules controller had similar issue.
Anyone experience this with their T7? 

??? 15/03/2024 6:43 am

Yes I have. I bought the T7 and i had 3 replacements with the same issues. shutting down during set. it continues to play the music and spins but you cannot change the music or load new song without turning it off and back on. I thought on the first one is the unit, so they replace it with a new one. then same thing happen multiple times. then on the third replacements same thing happen so i finally gave up and returned the equipment completely. I hope they will find a fix for it. I really like the controller.

DJ COOL CLIFF 26/03/2024 12:20 am

I'm on my 2nd t7 and it did it for me when I loaded a track and cut off and then with the new one, i moved the fader and cut off. It still played the audio and the platters was spinning but no lights. I'm using Sonoma 14.3.1 * gigs of RAM Quadcore Intel

UX Team UX Team 28/03/2024 3:31 pm

1) Hercules has a technical support so PLEASE contact the technical support.

2) It makes no sense to exchange a DJ controller for a computer setting issue, as the DJ controller cannot change the computer setting issue.
Your computer is either
- not properly set (it looks like a power setting as Windows setting to turn off USB to save energy),
- or too limited for your DJ software.
Unless you contact the technical support and DESCRIBE your problem in details (you neither write your computer configuration, version of your DJ software, computer power options), your problem will not be solved because you do not give any information while it happens on your computer.

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When you meet a technical problem on a computer peripheral, whether the computer peripheral is a DJ controller, a printer, a hard disk or a camera, the test, settings, fix of most technical issues are related to the computer. So if you do not describe your computer configuration with technical details, it reduces the possibility to get on a forum a solution matching your computer. The information which is needed is:
- computer brand & model
- operating system (version of Windows or macOS)
- type of USB connection (direct USB type A / connection through a USB hub / connection through a USB-C adapter..)
- version of DJ app.

If you can contact Hercules technical support, you should call or email them on https://support.hercules.com/en/contact-en/