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no crossfader options inpulse 500 serato dj pro

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hi, i dont have any crossfader options to adjust in the mixer tab of serato dj pro (latest version on macos 12.0 monterey) with the inpulse 500 connected.
the crossfader is acting completely linear, so a track only reaches full volume at 100% of the crossfader range. it is unusable, so i have had to disable the crossfader with the switch on the hardware.

i have seen screenshots of serato with options to reverse the crossfader and change the response pattern and speed. any idea why i do not see these please?

my install also fails to load the midi.xml file... could this be related?

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Hi. I have the same issue. Did you ever sort this?



Hi Stevie65,

Welcome to the forum.

Indeed, it is a limit in the options of the current Serato DJ Pro builds: as DJControl Inpulse 500 has a 3-position crossfader switch (Mix, scratch, disabled) the Settings > Mixer > Crossfader options are removed, which removes from Serato Pro:
- the reverse crossfader mode (hamster),
- the intermediary curves.

Currently, my workaround is to connect another Serato controller at the same time (I use a DJControl Starlight) to restore the crossfader options in Serato settings. 

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Hi, and thank you for the welcome. 
That's a pain and it is useless as it is. Do you think it will ever be resolved by Serato?

Thanks again, Steve.  

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I asked the question of Serato, and got this response back,


If the parameter adjustment is greyed out and unavailable to click then this controller does not support the changing of the crossfader curve with Serato DJ Pro.


Unfortunately, with Serato on these Lite controllers the functionality is limited,  With more Pro hardware you are given more features and the freedom to edit parameters such as the crossfader curve. however, with this controller, I'm sorry it's just not possible. 


However, That does sound like a cool idea. Please feel free to make any suggestions for future features in the Feature Suggestions area on


This is where our products team hangs out, and views these requests. They use this to help decide what to put into future releases. Who knows, someone may have had the same great idea that you can +1!


So, I will be making the suggestion.


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After searching every single website I could find i suddenly realized that ... I can midimap the crossfader curve to something on the controller that I don't use and likely will never use .. THE AUX FILTER knob. I plugged in one of my old faulty controllers that DO give me access to the crossfader curve in Serato's settings, with the Impulse 500 Connected at the same time, then used midi mode to set the crossfader curve to the aux filter knob. 
I also tested it after shutting Serato down completely and unplugging the Impulse 500. Now I have full crossfader curve control by sacrificing the aux filter knob. In the event that I need to use the Aux in for an emergency I can also set the filter to the Middle which gives me a nice smooth balanced curve.
The only thing to remember is that when loading Serato the first time it will set the crossfader curve to whichever option you have the switch set to on the impulse 500 so you have to turn the aux filter knob so it takes over then set it to your desired position. Now i can keep using this controller for the next year or so while I save for another 'Big Boy' 

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the impulse 500 is by far the worst console to use with serato dj pro all because of the crossfader....why did they even put in on there if it dosnt do what a tipical crossfader is suppose to....It basically does what u could do with the left and right valume faders....i totally regret purchasing it i wish i had done more research before i bought it 



In a Serato DJ Pro release which is planned for this summer, Serato will add crossfader options for DJControl Inpulse 500
- Reverse
- Linear/power

The other settings:
- crossfader curve: fast/slow
- disable
are processed by the 3-position switch over the crossfader on the controller.



Serato DJ Pro 3.0.10 has added the standard crossfader options in the setup screen for the Hercules DJControl Inpulse 500.

If you have a Serato Pro licence, you can now, with DJC Inpulse 500 and Serato DJ Pro 3.0.10 

1) set the crossfader curve in Power mode

2) or reverse the crossfader

as with other Serato DJ controllers.