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recording stops when i start loading tracks

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fair warning, i am new to hercules and djuced. but essentially, when i want to record a mix, it begins recording when i have nothing loaded, but the moment i begin to load a track it automatically stops the recordingt. is there any way around this? thanks.


Hello eroc,

Welcome to the forum.

1) Please complete your technical profile in "My Space"> "My Profile"  

  - In "Hercules equipment in use", please check your Dj controller name,
  - In "Software in use", check your DJ software, Djuced

  - In "Describe your equipment": describe your computer brand and model, CPU, quantity of RAM, version of Windows or macOS, version of your Dj software (as Djuced 5.3.5)

2) Please precise what type of audio tracks you tried to load (audio format, where are they stored , how long do these audio tracks last).
If they are audio streamings, no software is allowed to record streamings so the recording is stopped when using a streaming.
To record a mix with a song coming from a streaming, you must download the song in normal audio format (MP3, WAV, Flac, AIF..) (if your streaming is Beatport or Beatsource, you can buy the song in order to download it), and once the song is stored in standard format on your computer, you can recordthe mix with the song.

3) Please go In Djuced > Settings > Record panel, and check the Recording directory
- Does this folder exists?
- It is on your hard disk (it is better to avoid recording on a USB key or a mobile disk)?
- It is on a folder where you have the right to write?
- Please check the contents of the recording directory and check if you see some files whose date & time of creation means they were created during your recording attempt. What is their name and format? If they are audio files, can you try playing them and see what occurs.