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[Solved] DJUCED 6 not recording

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I recently updated to DJUCED 6 (from 5.3.something that just worked) and I did my first mix with the new software yesterday. I usually save my mixes both for "self improvement" means and for using them at the gym, so I thought I'd find the mix in the usual position (Documents\DJUCED\Records\Mix) but, to my surprise, nothing was there. I then tried recording again, nothing. Running the software as admin... Nothing.

I'm sure I selected "Save" when ending the recordidng, I've done it a million times with 5.x but now it doesn't seem to work anymore.

Is it me doing something wrong (and what?) or is it just DJUCED 6 not wanting me to workout anymore?


Just for info: OS is Windows 10 22H2 - Controller (if that even matters) is a DJ Control Inpulse 300 (mk1).

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Solved. I had to reset all the settings but apparently it's working again now.