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A newbie stuck with an Inpulse 500. Help!!

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Hello. I need your wisdom.
I have a Hercules Impulse 500 controller.

As a novice DJ I record input and output loops on
some songs from my sets. When I load on the desk to launch the theme,
I activate the startup loop without a problem since the theme is not in
still functioning. I have the problem when I bring up that topic and
is in play. I can't activate the device in advance.
output loop. That is, the loop begins to
play when the song reaches the end.

I see the saved loop mark but it forces me to click on the
loop activation button and I don't always get it
time or adjust the time signature. If I activate the loop button
output, the topic jumps to that position. A disaster.

Can you tell me how to get it? Thank you.

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Hello PepesAyago,

Please precise if:
- the DJ app is Serato DJ Lite or Djuced
- your use Windows or macOS.

There are 2 loops mode in Djuced,
- Loop Roll (on pads)
- standard Loops (on the rotary encoder button).

Please confirm your problem occurs with standard loops, on encoder rotary button:
- press down on rotary encoder enter in loop
- turn clockwise/counterclockwise the rotary encoder to increase/reduce the loop
- press down again on rotary encoder to leave the loop.