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connect the console ( inpulse 500 ) dissapear sliders

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when I connect the console( inpulse 500)  to the computer, (win 11 -  serato dj pro )  the tempo sliders and the volume sliders disappear , i try all usb port , in the virtual dj and djuced work normaly , only serato disappear , why does this happen? can someone help me to solve the problem ? .



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This behavior is perfectly normal, as you go from Practice mode (with no controller connected) to Performance mode when you connect the i500.


Contrary to other DJ softwares, Serato Pro does not display all the function controls on screen (EQ, Pitch, etc) when a controller is connected. They assume that you will look at your controller to know the current state of these functions, which leave mode screen space for other important features.   

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