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Stream 200 and Discord

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Hello, I have been using the Sream 200 XLR issues for a few months, I have had different issued that have changed with updates.

But the issue right now is probably the worst one.

Not always, but most of the time Discord will just decide to use the Creator Mix instead of the Audience Mix of your microphone, and will refuse to use the other one, so you have to switch the input from Creator Micropone source, change the mic you are using in obs so it doesnt duplicate, and you listen yourself through the audience mix so you dont listen to yourself, and you cant even have different volume leves from the stream.

I dunno I am doing anything wrong, but this is extremely frutrating and is kinda of a dealbreaker for this product, since it should be simplyfing them instead of making them much harder. 

I hope this is resolved and some day the interface works 100% correctly, because it would be a wonderful product if it did.

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Im using Software 1.3.5 (01.44)

and Firmware 1.88

Latest versions as of 5 of July



In discord ,

it's better to use the Hercules Stream 200 XLR Microphone as input ( otherwise if you put Creator or audience you will have the mix of all the other sources goes to discord )

In discord, It's also recommended to set Hercules Stream 200 XLR Chat as output.



Creator and Audience are the mix of all the 8 sources included the microphone, chat ,game ...., so best practise , is to set Hercules Stream 200 XLR Audience as input under OBS and nothing on all the other output and input.


Note that on the Stream 200 XLR  you will adjust the volume level of the sources that are mixed to Audience or Creator.

If you want to adjust you Microphone volume level in Discord you must set in manually in Discord.

Note that in CREATOR mode if you mute the microphone by pressing the rotary button it will also mute the microphone in Discord



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Hello, thank you for th e help.

I have it all set up as you mention, sorry If I didnt make it clear before.

The problem I am having, is after setting the input to Microphone (Hercules Stream 200 XLR) is that discord will only recieve audio if I unmute the Creator submix.

As fair as I understand, discord should recieve the Audicene Mix of the Microphone Channel, so you can have the Stream 200 set in creator mode, and not listen to your self.

I will probably try to reinstall everything to see if it helps

Big thanks for the help.



If you do not want to hear yourself, in Creator Mode, you should reduce the Creator Microphone Volume to Minimum by turning the knob.

It will have no impact on the Microphone volume you set on Discord ,

But if you Mute the creator Microphone it will also mute under your discord.

In Audience mode , you can set Microphone volume for your audience as it is the Audience input that you set under OBS.

Sorry , I do not understand what you mean by "discord should recieve the Audicene Mix of the Microphone Channel".


1) Set Stream 200 XLR Microphone and Chat in Discord like you do

3) Press Creator button on the Stream 200 and adjust the Microphone volume you want to send to the headphone.

Set it to minimum if you do not want to hear you

4) Press Audience Button on the Stream 200 and adjust the Microphone volume you want to send to you audience

5) Select Audience Input under OBS

6) Press again Creator mode so you do not hear you anymore but your Audience will

7)  If you want to Mute your Microphone under discord, you can press the Microphone Knob

8) If you do not want to stream your microphone on OBS, press Audience and Mute you microphone in this mode


Hope it helps