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The music is not playing by using Djuice inpulse 200

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I have a problem with my program, I'm not able to play tracks on my PC - Windows 10. Every time I launch the application, the music is not playing. It happened randomly, and the music didn't start at all. I tried to reinstall the application several times but without success. I tried to reset the audio settings and the application settings without success. When I press play, it appears like something is playing on the deck, but nothing can be heard and besides that, all the controls are working fine (Master, Volume, Gain, BPM, etc).

Can someone help me with an answer?

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Hello Valentina,

Welcome to the forum.

1) confirm if you have installed Hercules DJ drivers (HDJCSeries PC [2023.HDJS.2 - Windows 10-11] ASIO drivers from Hercules website )

2) precise if your Djuced audio settings (in Djuced > Settings > Audio) are:
- audio device: DJCONTROL INPULSE 200 ASIO (ASIO)
- Output Master: Outputs 1&2
- Output Headphones: Outputs 3&4

3) confirm you have connected your speakers to DJControl Inpulse master output.