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Hercules DJ Air Control Air Pre Listening Problem

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Hello, I have the DJ control air from hercules and I have a problem with the pre-listening of the music. In the settings, the DJ controller is selected as the audio device and it is connected to the computer via the USB cable. There are 2 speakers connected to the rear output of the controller and when I play a song you can hear the music playing. In addition, headphones are connected via a jack connection and here is the problem. When the music is playing through the speakers and the controller is set to CUE, I can still hear the mix playing from the speakers. If I also play a song on the second deck then I can not only hear that song but both at the same time. that makes mixing impossible. I ask for tips and help. The master has outputs 1&2 and headphones 3&4. what should I do

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Hello Hermanodaniel,

If you met a technical problem on a computer peripheral as a DJ controller, writing precisely 
- computer (brand & model),
- operating system (version of Windows or macOS),
- USB connection (direct connection to USB type A port, connection through a powered USB hub, connection to a USB-C port via a USB-C to A adapter...)  
- DJ application
- audio settings
is necessary to get an appropriate technical guidance from people who cannot see your computer configuration.

If you do not provide this technical information, let's assume you use a PC with Windows 10 or 11, and today's Djuced (5 or 6). 
Then the most likely origin of your issue is that 
- you selected DJControl Air WASAPI as audio device in the DJ application,
- you Windows installation has enabled a surround virtualisation.

Then the easiest solution consists in:
- Installing the Windows drivers for your DJ controller
(For Windows 10 or 11, the driver package is HDJCSeries PC [2023.HDJS.2 - Windows 10-11] ASIO drivers)
- in the DJ software, in Audio Device field, select the device "DJControl Air ASIO (ASIO)).
=> then and you should no longer hear the master in the headphones.

hermanodaniel Topic starter 01/05/2024 7:49 pm

Hi, I installed the driver, but the audio device you mentioned doesn't appear in the program settings for the audio devices. I have an HP 255 G5 Notebook PC with Windows 10 Home Version 22H2. I downloaded the program using the included CD (DJUCED 18). The USB cable from the controller is connected to the USB A port as normal. Two speakers and a sub are connected to the mixer at the back of the device (mix) via a jack. In the settings I see 4 devices. Speakers (DJ Control Air). Speakers/headphones (Realtek High Definition Audio). ASIO4ALL v2(ASIO). Fl Studio ASIO. what can I do to get the device running again?



1) I think you did not install the drivers.
After downloading, the driver package is HDJCSeries PC [2023.HDJS.2 - Windows 10-11] ASIO drivers
did you run the installer, did you run the file 2023_HDJS_2.exe?

2) The time where drivers and apps were delivered in CDs is really old. So is Djuced 18 is : Djuced 18 and Djuced 40 merged in a new Djuced in 2016 or 2017. 
In my opinion, you should install a more up-to-date version of Djuced, I suggest Djuced 5.3.2 which supports your operating system.
and supports  DJControl Air.
To avoid a conflict between old tag formats (audio files metadata) and today's tags, you should re-analyze your audio tracks in the newer version of Djuced.

hermanodaniel Topic starter 18/05/2024 4:18 pm

I tried to install all the programs but it doesn’t work. What option do I have?


Hello Hermanodaniel,


Thanks for coming back.

"It doesn't work" does not describe precisely your problem/error message or non functional result.
I do not see your computer so I will not guess what occurs on your computer if you do not describe it precisely.
Can you describe with more information what you do and what you see on the computer screen?

I have a question on your ASIO4All version, is it the regular ASIO4ALL (last version is 2.15) or is it the ASIO4Vestax version (which causes problem with many other ASIO drivers)?

You also contact Hercules tech support on