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Since 1.3 i have Issues vor Hercules 200 XLR

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I'm happy about new functionalities and updates, like everyone else, but since the 1.3+ update I have constant crashes.
since today with 1.33 at least the crash when opening games is gone but every time i use the butteon on which i put the action "mute channel" it crashes again and i have to restart the control center.
Does anyone else have this problem and a solution?

CraftyDeluxe 23/04/2024 10:52 am

There already is a thread for issues and crashes happening on the 1.3.3 Version.

Since yesterday there is the 1.3.4 Update for the Hercules Software. Update to the newest version and try again. Fixed most of my problems for now.

PatPat248 Topic starter 23/04/2024 11:03 am

just upgraded and still Crashes when muting Channels

CraftyDeluxe 23/04/2024 11:16 am

I can mute my channels. Microphone and Music for instance with the press of the volumecontrol (standard i guess?) Or are you using an custom command? Anyway, the software still makes a very not-so-.trustworthy impression to me. It needs much more testing... also windows always shows me the "Throw out" option for the Hercules 200 in my tray, kinda like its just an USB Stick, lul.