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dj 4set - urgent hardware help needed

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basically heres my problem, the right channel volume slider is overly sensitive. when i push it to the top, on traktor it doesnt stay at the top and instead completely tweaks out and goes back down to the bottom, thus making mixing close to impossible. also, high, mid and low on the left channel are all very touch sensitive, basically if i touch one it will move all over the place and then the audio of course sounds tweaked out again, making mixing close to impossible.

im running my 4 set on a macbook pro with the newest edition of traktor, i also tried this with virtual dj on a seperate computer but it produced the same results. is there any way to fix this or is my controller done for good?  

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The problems, all, might he hardware related. There is an easy way for you to check that. 
First of all make sure that you havethe latest version of the driver properly installed. The driver can be found here: 

Then run a test with the MIDI Monitor program. This small tool will tell you if the spikes and the chaotic movements you are encountering in the DJ softwares are hardware or software related. If the same thing happens in the program - inputs without you touching the knobs or the volume slider, then its a hardware problem.

Then you can contact your retailer or Hercules for assistance in getting the device repaired or replaced.