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replace volume fader on inpulse 500

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hello everyone.
i´m new to this forum, was not able to find information about this faliure, so i am creating this new post.
my inpulse 500 acquired 2 years ago started suddenly to present faliure on its 2nd channel volume fader.
sliding it all the way up, it only increases about 30% of the volume. this happens exactly same using djuced or djay pro ai. i mapped te volume fader to control channel 1, same problem. using djay on 4 channel mode, mappinng the fader to each channel, the failure is consistent, so i am pretty sure it must be a harware failure, rather tha a software failure.

there is no hercules tech support here in colombia, so i guess i must exchange the fader by myself.

do you know the specs of the volume fader, or the part nummber or catalogue number of it, so i can order it online?

Hello Humb_COL,

Welcome to the forum. 

If this issue on the volume fader issue did not occur after an accident (as a shock on the fader, or coke spilled on the controller), maybe the fader only needs a re-calibration (a simple process without no need to change any fader).


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- it goes against the rules of technical forums (on : "you commit not to (...)  "post repeated messages")
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Thank you for repliying to my post.
Sent you the messange on the private area.
Thrilled waiting for those instructions to recalibrate!!!

Hello Humbe_Col,

You are welcome.

The calibration process is posted on your private messaging area of the website, please download it within 1 week as after 1 week the links stop working.

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I bought a Inpulse 500 and first time I used it i'm having the same problem.
The left crossfade only goes until 60% while the right goes to 100%. 
Tried it on Djuced, Serato and VDJ... 
Did the recalibration solved it? 
Can anybody help please? 
Thank you

Hello RuiMigL,

Welcome to the forum.

Please precise your problem:
- is it a problem on the crossfader (as you write "the left crossfade only goes until 60% while the right goes to 100%") 
- or is it a problem on the left volume fader?

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Its the Left volume fader. 
After reading some posts here in the fórum I also tested it with and the right fader Max value was between 123 and 126 while the Left fader is about 53 or 57.
As I read, it must be defective and a calibration shouldn't solve it.
But if you have a different opinion please let me know. 


Hello RuigMigL,


You are right, I do not think a calibration may solve it.
I have sent you an invitation on My Space > My Friends
Please accept it so that we can send a private message. Hercules want to organize an exchange of your unit DJC Inpulse 500 for a new unit as they want to analyze your unit and find what causes this defect (if you return this defective unit to your shop, it may take months or quarters for Hercules to get it, so to analyze the issue fast, they prefer to organize an exchange of your DJControl Inpulse 500 unit directly).

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I already accept the invitation. 


Hello RuiMigL,

I have answered tin the privated messaging area (My Space > Messages)