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Hey, can anyone assist me? 

I was looking for an email I could contact but didn’t find one. I was recently gifted a Hercules DJ console RMX2 from my uncle who recently retired from the US, he gave it to me with the CD and everything, he saw that I used virtual DJ so he gifted it to me because he had never used it before, but sadly half of the sticker with the serial code on it has been ripped off. He never used the serial code for anything before and I was wondering if anyone at corporate can help me. I want to continue using the console to DJ but after the free trial is up on virtual Dj I won’t be able to….can anyone assist me?

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You would need to contact our Technical Support to see if they can still provide a replacement serial for VDJ 8 LE. 


That being said, can I suggest trying Djuced, our own DJ software, which fully supports the RMX2?   

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