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t7 Premium - Right Side Turntable Motor Humm

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Is it normal for one of the t7's turntable motor to humm more than the other. Just received my t7 premium yesterday and out of the box, the right turntable is humming, where as the left side is noticeably much more quiet as far as the motor when turning/activated. Of course at volume this humm is not noticeable, however when volume is low/off, and right turntable is moving, the humm can be heard.  Really hoping this will not end up in the right side motor going out prematurely while doing normal use...Other than this, the controller is working normally and as expected with no other issues. 

Thank you!

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Hello Cainla,

I cannot answer whether it is normal or not as I do not hear it, but maybe you should re-calibrate the platters, it takes less that 1 minute.
a- Quit your DJ software, but keep DJcontrol Inpulse T7 connected to the computer USb port,
b- Switch off DJControl Inpulse T7 with the Power push button on the rear panel
c- Make sure DJControl Inpulse T7 lays on a flat table, and that the slipmats and vinyl discs are on the platter
d- Push down the keys "Assist/Prep" and "Back" on deck 2 (right deck)
e- Keep "Assist/Prep" and "Back" keys down on deck 2, and switch on T7 with the Power rear button
f- Release the "Assist/Prep" and "Back" keys on deck 2
g- The platters calibration start automatically: both platters turn at variable speed.
h- Wait until the platters stop turning. Wait the pads 1 to 4 on both decks are in green, the calibration is over.