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Jog wheel super sensitive. T7 premium.

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Bought a brand new t7 premium and I’m hearing somewhat a concerning mini jog wheel scratch sound. Does this ever happened? How do I fix this? Should hercules replace this unit?

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Before considering the hardware is defective you may read the message here
and describe
- the computer operating system,
- the version of Hercules DJ drivers,
- the DJ software name and version,
- in which condition you hear this mini scratch sound

- at which moment you hear this sound
- where you hear it
   a- in speakers: to which output they are connected, what is the brand/model of speakers, is this noise proportional to T7 master volume
   b - in headphones?

If your computer operates in Windows, can you test in Djuced in selected in Settings> Audio the Audio Device DJControl Inpulse T7 WASAPI?