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El deck 1 hace distorsión leves y huele a quemado

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Tengo un problema con el deck1 de mi controladora y es que cuando le doy play comienza a distorsionar la canción como si se adelantara, cuando le quito el disco de vinilo al jog wheel deja de sonar la interferencia. Siento que tienen un problema de sensibilidad. Aparte huele a cable quemado cuando tengo periodos largos de session 

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1) Maybe the DJcontrol Inpulse T7 platters need to be calibrated, it is easy to do.
a- Quit your DJ software, but keep DJcontrol Inpulse T7 connected to the computer USb port,
b- Switch off DJControl Inpulse T7 with the Power push button on the rear panel
c- Make sure DJControl Inpulse T7 lays on a flat table, and that the slipmats and vinyl discs are on the platter
d- Push down the keys "Assist/Prep" and "Back" on deck 2 (right deck)
e- Keep "Assist/Prep" and "Back" keys down on deck 2, and switch on T7 with the Power rear button
f- Release the "Assist/Prep" and "Back" keys on deck 2
g- The platters calibration start automatically: both platters turn at variable speed.
h- Wait until the platters stop turning. Wait the pads 1 to 4 on both decks are in green, the calibration is over.


2) Your pseudo "Hercules Impulse 7" is totally misleading in a Hercules area, it is too difficult to understand whether I talk of you or of the DJ controller, so I answer today but I will not answer to your further messages until you edit your profile and choose another nickname which is not misleading.


3) Please read this guidelines of the controller discussions:

If you provide no technical information
- on your operating system, computer and drivers: no-one can propose a process in the computer, OS or drivers,
- on the DJ software (Serato, Djuced, other...): no one can propose a process inside the DJ software,
so if you have a technical problem, you should consider that if you cannot write the technical information in detail, maybe you should consider calling Hercules Technical support at .