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Impulse T7 Premium FX issues

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To start, I understand that this is using the Serato software FX.

Left channel FX works as intended. FX selected, then the paddle activated.

Right channel FX is already triggered when FX is selected and the paddle is in the middle

T7 Premium. NIB/Demo/Open box from online store. Controller doesn't even look used. Using latest Serato DJ Pro software.

2021 MBP M1 16g


Thank you

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Hello DJNeight,

Welcome to the forum.
In Serato DJ Pro, the status of the paddle on the controller
- does not match what you see on on Serato DJ Pro screen,
- but it matches what you hear: if Deck2 paddle is on the middle on the controller (= FX not playing), FX will not be played in the sound playing on deck 2.


Same problem, My FX paddle doesn't work in any software


Hello Ripknoxx,

Welcome to the user community area.

Please spend the time to describe your problem with technical details, since if you cannot write in the messages the technical information related to your technical issue, a forum is not the adequate area for you.

Please either:
a) Look at the forum guidelines:
- precise your version of Serato DJ Pro, your version of Djuced,
- also test in Serato DJ Lite, since paddle behaviors is not the same in Serato DJ Lite and Serato DJ Pro, 
- post all your messages on 1 issue is the same discussion, instead of posting in 2 discussions,
- and DESCRIBE your problem: what you do, which effect you play, what you see on screen, what you hear in the headphones, what you hear in the speakers,
- we cannot see your computer, so any needed information you do not write is lost.

b) Or contact Hercules Technical Support