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Sound Card - Problem with Hercules Inpulse 500

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Hello to all,

i have i problem when that windows 7 don`t recognize my controller. I install ASIO and nothing is change. 

Any solution? 

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Hello Houselover,

I do not understand what you means as
- "Windows 7 does not recognize my controller".
- "I install ASIO and nothing is changed". 

1) Do you mean that you have installed Hercules DJ drivers for Windows 7?
Then what are these drivers, are they 2020.HDJS.1?
If you mean other ASIO drivers, please try to write what these drivers are.

2) If you have installed these drivers, is the DJ controller detected when you call Hercules DJ control panel?
In Windows notification area, if you see the icon of a black circle with a white shape inside, do you see this black and white shape as below (which means the DJ controller is detected)

or do you see it with a red dot which means the controller is not detected?

If the DJ controller is detected, when you click on Hercules DJ panel in Windows notification area, does it say the DJ controller is DJControl Inpulse 500 as in below screenshot or does it say another message?

3) What is your version of Windows 7 (64-bit, 32-bit)?
What is the meaning of "Windows 7 does not recognize your controller"? 

4) What is your problem, in which DJ software?