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I am Yannick, The DJ From Gallifrey. Old School, New School : it's cool! I scratch time and travel through with music - and yes, I'm a big fan of Doctor Who. I prefer Hip-Hop and similar beats, but, still, I like all types of music.

I'm back at DJing after over 2 decades, not interested by any other "game" than making people happy, dancing and sharing a good time. I used to be at my peak at the time a Top 10 12" was about 10$ and you needed to buy 2 of them to beat jungle 😛 My jam is Hip-Hop/Rap/Reggae but, still, I like everything music. I like to remix remix!

I am using a Hercules Inpulse 300 MK2. I am a bit too much not enough deceived by DJUCED though. Hope it will become better with the time. Can I get the source of this software?

DJing is a hobby.. and I plan keeping it this way. I plan on opening a 24/7 private and legit stream this fall. Still in the process of discussing about royalties with my local organization.

FYI : If you are a Hip-Hop/Rap/Reggae/other similar beats producer/creator with music you wanna make hear, contact me!


See you around!


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Hello Yannick,

Welcome to the forum.
With DJControl Inpulse 300 MK2 you can also use Serato DJ Lite, which is hip-hop oriented, while Djuced is more EDM oriented.
What do you mean by "get the source of this software"? 

Yannick Yannick Topic starter 02/04/2024 11:04 pm
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Hello UX Team! Thanks for your reply!

I tried Serato DJ Lite, but it's not mapped properly and when I tried to report and get support, I was told to switch to DJUCED, because it was the Hercules software. I tried to get support from Serato but.. anyways... Also, I would need Serato DJ Pro which cost +34% (minimum, can add up to 14.995% for 2 taxes). Start to be a bit expensive.

So I spent and got a new computer and, with all chances, the mapping was ok.


about the "source".. I made a typo.. I was talking about the sources.. the source code. I'm programmer. But I think DJUCED isn't open source.



Indeed, DJuced is not open source, the open source DJ software is Mixxx, for which there is a mapping file here.

Serato DJ Lite is mapped properly in my opinion, but changing the default mapping of any DJ software requires moving to a Pro version, which is a paid software.