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dj console 4-mx cd rom version 1.2

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buenas si alguien del grupo me puede ayudar con el cd rom de dj console 4mx version 1.2 que se me daño y la copia que tenia no la encuentro.  gracias saludos

Hello Ashkenz,

Welcome to the forum.

The contents of CD 1.2 is now online in several area: 
- the driver package is on
- the VirtualDJ 7 LE (4Mx) is on  (to get it you need to have the VirtualDJ serial number which is printed on the ground side of your DJ Console 4-Mx, and to register on VirtualDJ website with this number)
and the user manuals can also be downloaded on

So why do you need the CD-ROM?
If you need one, I suppose I may find someone who has still a CD-ROM player to extract the CD into an ISO file, but I do not see what you will do with it which you cannot do with Hercules support website and VirtualDJ website.