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factory - reset djconsole rmx2

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hello friends,
i need a guide to factory reset. (firmware or other solucion)
hercules rmx2 dj console hdjs 2022 - firmware 1.34 - 19 - driver - dll - cpl
i use traktor pro 2 version (2.11.3 17) and after an update i can no longer get audio outputs (1 and 2 - 3 and 4) for the speaker, there are outputs on the headphones and the other controls work.
i use windows 10 pro.
before that everything worked perfectly.

if necessary, i will provide my email
thank you very much in advance.

Hello Cadu2015,

Did you try re-updating the firmware?

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Good morning.
Yes, I even installed the 2023 version of the website and it didn't solve the problem.
I used everything normally on a HD and then I switched to an SSD with a clean installation and it didn't work anymore.
I returned the HD to the machine as it was before and the problem persists.
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Is there any way to return it to the factory? I still have the CD-Room from the controller.


Hello Cadu2015,

1) Please open DJConsole Rmx2 control panel, and check the Output channel 1-2  is not muted:
- the volume bar must not be at 0
- the speaker icon below the volume bar must not be crossed.

2) Can you precise if you have tested the ouptut 1-2 in a non ASIO software, for example in setting DJConsole Rmx2 as Windows sound board?

3) The firmware update process I talked about consists of, after having installed the last Hercules DJ drivers
- Make sure DJConsole Rmx2 is connected, with power supply, with On/Off button On
- Right click on Windows icon
- Select Run
- In Run field, type, with the " signs
"C:\Program Files\DJHERCULESMIX\Audio\DJ Console Series\cpl2\firmware\HDJSeries2Updater" -manual
- click on OK,
- If the firmware updater detects DJConsole Rmx2, then in firmware audio line, check the flash field,
- click on Update! to re-update the DJConsole Rmx2 firmware.

PS: you may return a DJConsole Rmx2 for repair (but not through the user forum, this is a user forum, not a repair centre): you may
- ask to the retailer who sold you the controller,
- or contact Hercules tech support on  https://support.hercules.com/en/contact-en/
but it makes sense to try first to solve a problem which may be also be settings/firmware related.

) Please confirm the 

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I will carry out these procedures and report back.