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[Solved] Connecting guitar to controller

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Hello, I want to connect my guitar to the controller and use it on another software -like no DJ-ing software- to put some effects and record it. I'm connecting it through the microphone input and can hear the sound via headphones. Didn't and can't try -because I don't have any- to listen my sound that comes from guitar with speakers but when I try to send it to computer speaker, it doesn't work. Is it possible to connect the guitar and record it on another software and how? Or at least sending the sound to the computer speaker?

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Although the microphone input was not intended for a guitar, it can certainly work.

The first step is obviously to set the microphone input level using the controls on the I500. Use the VU meter around the MIC VOL knob to make use you are not overloading the preamp.

Then, if you were to use a recording software like Audacity, the audio configuration to use would look something like this :

Again the software's VU meter will give you an idea of the recoding input signal.

revo Topic starter 26/01/2024 2:52 pm

Thank you for helping. I was trying to send the audio as MIDI to FL Studio to take some records on my beat but it is not working, I will try also on Audacity. Also another question is can I use a software like Bias FX to apply some effects on guitar? Thank you again:)

DJ Phatso DJ Phatso 26/01/2024 4:30 pm
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Posted by: revo
I was trying to send the audio as MIDI to FL Studio

If I understand what you are trying to do, you will first need to record the audio, then convert it to MIDI. Here is a video that shows how to do it in FL Studio. 


As for Bias FX, the simplest way would be to configure the i500 as an audio interface, much like we did with Audacity. In your case, the I500 would need to be selected for both Input (Line In) and Output (1-2).