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Issue with EQ knobs

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Hi Hercules,


I've noticed two of my knobs are not properly alligned with the mixer. It involves the left LOW knob as well as the right GAIN knob. The added screenshot shows the off-set when all knobs are set to '0'. Now, I'm not too worried about the GAIN knob. As for the LOW EQ knob on channel 2, MIDI Monitor shows different values each time I turn the knob back to '0'. So instead off CC#34 Value 0, it shows:

CC#34 Value 111

CC#34 Value 76

CC#34 Value 89


The value does not change by itself. It just keeps showing 'random' values at '0'.


So, is there any way to fix this issue?

Thanks in advance!


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Hello Dzgn,

Welcome to the forum.

1) It is a user forum, it is intended to talk between users, not with Hercules.
To talk with Hercules, you can post a message to Hercules support on

2) If you place knobs on the centre, this position is labelled 0 on the DJ controller because on gain or EQ, the centre is 0, but in MIDI the centre position is not 0, it is 64.
- 00 = full left position of the knob
- 127 = full right position of the knob
- 64 = centre position of the knob.

3) DJControl Inpulse 500 MIDI commands guide

shows CC#34 is the LSB (Least Significant Byte), its value is not relevant as LSB just add intermediary steps between MSB values in extended MIDI, so you should only look at the MSB value, not at the LSB.
For DJControl Inpulse 500 Deck 1 EQ Low, the MSB is CC#2: look at it and do not consider CC#34.

4) If you have placed your controls at the central position in from your screenshot, and if you did not change the mapping then I suppose the EQ Low knob needs to be recalibrated. Please precise the MIDI value you get in MidiMonitor on CC#2 when the EQ low is on centre.  

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Thank you for the quick reply!

I've checked the MSB and it shows CC#2 Value 94 when EQ low is on centre. 


Hello DZGN,

Thanks, so the DJ controller needs a recalibration.
As this area is a preliminary version of a forum, I cannot send you the calibration guide in a private message.
Have you a Facebook account so that I send you this document?

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Sure! You can send me the guide via Email or Facebbok

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UX Team UX Team 06/01/2024 1:58 am

I have hidden you answer as showing you facebook account may be OK, but if your email remains visible for a long time on a forum public page, a spamming bot may grab it and send you spams.

Slax 20/01/2024 3:35 pm

Hello, I am also experiencing this issue. Am I able to be sent recalibration instructions also ?

DJPLENA507 23/02/2024 12:11 am

buenas tengo el mismo problema se agradece si me podria indicar como calibrar o alguna reparacion ??? me indica si necesita algun dato